Friday, 28 July 2017

Pasifika Performence

On Friday 28th of July we had a school assembly for the islanders like Samoa, Tonga and Cook Island.
Each class had to perform a little pacific thing. Room one performed the Sasa the next room was Room five performed Le Aute. Room six said they had a little surprise and they performed a cat of how the pacific people dress when there is a special occasions. Room seven performed a combined dance of the pacific and a little bit of hip hop. Room nine sang a song called Little Birddy Sitting On a Tree then Room 10 they sang a song called E Otua which was my favourite. But room 12 was my favourite more than anything we sang How Far I'll Go. Then Mrs said how happy she was to see all the classes performed about our inquiry.

Room 1 - The Sasa
Room 5 - Le Aute
Room 6 - The Catwalk
Room 7 - Combined Dance
Room 9 - Little Birdy On A Tree
Room 10 - E Otua
Room 12 - How Far I'll Go

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