Monday, 7 August 2017

Banana Mufffins

Today was like every other tech day. so when get in the cooking class we put on our aprons then we usually place our equipment onto a table. We would have to work out who would do the wet ingredients and dry ingredients. It was so easy because Katrina wanted to do the wet ingredients and I wanted to do the dry ingredients. The wet ingredients are one cup milk, one bowl of butter, one egg and 3 table spoons of sugar. The dry ingredients are S.R.F then after you would have to put some more of S.R.F if your batter is watery. Then put it in your batter in your muffin liners, put your muffin tray into your oven and put it into 180 degree Celsius. When it get soft and poke your Tupi in and if something comes out then it's not ready and if nothing comes out then it's ready to eat yum yum.  


  1. Great effort and glad to see you manage to bake your own banana muffins. Practice it again at home with Mum will give you more experience Well Done

  2. Bella that looks delicious. Your a great chef.


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