Thursday, 23 February 2017

Tabloids !!!

Link Last week Wednesday we had tabloids and we had houses. There was Red - Whero, Green - Kakariki, Yellow - kōwhai and blue kikorangi. Parents came to watch their children I was in Kakariki and the captain was Miz Zin and we have 27 points now. We only went half way but I think when it's the next tabloids we can do better. When it's tabloids I think we have to Do the other half because we did not get to finish cause we were nearly finish.

Australian boy born with brain outside skull

An Australian baby who was born with his brain outside of his skull has made incredible progress Jay-den Moyo, now three years old, was born with a condition called nasal encephaloceleHis mother Thembe Moyo told 7 News that despite being told to consider terminating her pregnancy, she and her husband wanted to have Jay-den in their lives.We accepted Jay-den and we were willing to accept him however he was going to turn out. When he was one week old, a team of 10 specialists worked to put his brain back inside his skull in a six-hour operation.

Search underway for missing Taupo woman

The police from taupo is searching for a seventy five year old lady. The police are searching for the lady around Waitahanui River near Te Puke. Barbara Thompson  often drives to the river mouth to fish in the early hours of the morning. The woman  arrives home at nine-am but she did not come back that day and her car was parked at the river. Police are asking anyone who has seen Ms Thompson today to call them immediately. 

Friday, 17 February 2017

Richie Macaw : Flying above Port Hills fire 'scary stuff'

Richie Macaw says that what he saw some scary stuff like I think a brush fire and he said just scary stuff. Some has destroyed places, killed people and broke houses that is so scary. He says the death of helicopter pilot Steve Askin who crashed while fighting the fires on Tuesday, was a huge shock which most                people still haven't had time to process.

Thursday, 16 February 2017

How to pack the perfect lunchbox with Nadia Lim

You’ve made it half-way through the week and the kids' lunchboxes are starting to look a bit dire.Now you’re toying with the idea of just giving them some tuck shop money and telling them to fend for themselves but stop right there. We've got some inspiration for you to save the day.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Whales caught on Golden Bay

During the weekend there were whale stranding in Golden Bay. There were more than 300 whales that died. There were 400 some people went to check to make sure that there no more whale stranding. A few volunteer were helping they tired to get many helped but unfortunately they could't. The Major of golden Bay, his name and what he said Andrew Lamason says with his finger crossed I wouldn't sound confident, but I'm bloody hopeful."

Five drownings over Waitangi weekend


On Monday February the sixth that was the day of Waitangi. A woman with her friends went to Waikato River while they were swimming one there were five of them and that five did not survive. The police blocked the area so nobody can go throughThe lady was the 18th person to die this year.