Thursday, 23 February 2017

Tabloids !!!

Link Last week Wednesday we had tabloids and we had houses. There was Red - Whero, Green - Kakariki, Yellow - kōwhai and blue kikorangi. Parents came to watch their children I was in Kakariki and the captain was Miz Zin and we have 27 points now. We only went half way but I think when it's the next tabloids we can do better. When it's tabloids I think we have to Do the other half because we did not get to finish cause we were nearly finish.


  1. Hi Izabella
    I am in you Quad blogging well done on getting 25 points but it did not make sense but maybe we can chat to see if we can work it out but good job and who won in this competition?

  2. Hi Izabella
    My name is Ata and I am in your Quad Blogging Team. I am looking forward to reading all about your Te Taiao o tamaki posts. Remember to label your blog post Te Taiao O Tamaki Please. Just so that I know which one to comment on. Thanks A lot!!

    Kind Regards,


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