Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Samoan Singing!

On Friday, room 12 and a few other classes did Samoan singing with Mrs Folu. We sang songs like Le Aute, Pepe, Aeiou and Pati Pati Lima. When we had arrived we had to warm our voices up so we sang Le Aute. We sang the song about 3 times, the next song we sang was Pepe everyone sang it so beautiful so we only sang it one time. The other song we sang was the alphabet song but in Samoan. The last song we sang head shoulder knees and toes but in Samoan and English. Then Mrs Folu chose some people to sing Pati Pati Lima.

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Man drowns at Muriwai Beach

A man has drowned at Muriwai Beach in west Auckland on Saturday afternoon. Emergency services were called to attend at four pm after a member of the public found him on the beach. It is believed he had been out kite surfing, around the rock side, people say that he was just riding and then fell off. Then no one saw him fall off and could not save him in time. His body has been airlifted to Auckland and his next-of kin are being advised. 

Chocolate Chip Muffins

 On Wednesday 21st of June we were making chocolate muffin with chocolate chips . The first thing we have to do is separate. The dry ingredient from the wet ingredients. the dry ingredients are 1 and a half S.R.F, quarter cup of coco powder and 50 grams of chocolate chips. The wet ingredients are half a cup of sugar, half a cup of milk, half a cup oil and one egg and you would need cupcake liner. You would need to do the dry ingredients in a small bowl and the wet ingredients in a big bowl. Put the ingredients in the bowl in order, then you turn you oven to 180 degree and put your muffin batter in your cupcake liner while your oven is heating up. The you would need a tooth pick to poke in the middle and if something comes out you leave it the oven for a few minutes and if nothing comes out then you can take it out.

Monday, 19 June 2017

What to do when your child is the bully!

While many parents live in denial that their child would be capable of bullying, chances are your child will play a role in making another child feel miserable at some point. Most of the time when kids do bully, it’s because the child is unhappy about something themselves, Dave Atkinson, creative and development director at Parenting Place told The AM Show. Maybe they've got low self-esteem, maybe they just don't have strategies that other kids have, he said. These are Dave Atkinson's top three tips for dealing with your child's bullying behavior.

Soccer Interschool

On Wednesday May 24th 2017 
We went to soccer inter schools at Point England Reserve to represent our school Ruapotaka. I was the goal keeper, the first school we played against was Glen Taylor which we won by one point. The second game was played against by Tamaki Primary which we lost because they only won by one point. The next school we played was Sylvia Park Primary, and we won by one point it was very easy for us to beat Sylvia Park Primary because the ball keeped on going to Sylvia Parks Primary goals. Then St Patrick, which we won by seven nill they were easy to play. The other game we played against was Panmure Bridge Primary. Then we were in the semi final. The game we played was against stone field they were so good even though they were little but then it was a tie to us so we came first place so as Stone Field Primary.

Thursday, 1 June 2017

National Milk Day

On Thursday 1st of June it was national milk day, national milk day is all about milk. The place we get our milk is from fontera which they receive from cows, then they send the box of milks to schools. They produce the milk for kids like us to be healthy and strong. Milk is white like snow and watery like water. you use milk for all sorts of things like tea or coffee and other things. Every school has milk for them to drink so they can be healthy. You