Monday, 19 June 2017

Soccer Interschool

On Wednesday May 24th 2017 
We went to soccer inter schools at Point England Reserve to represent our school Ruapotaka. I was the goal keeper, the first school we played against was Glen Taylor which we won by one point. The second game was played against by Tamaki Primary which we lost because they only won by one point. The next school we played was Sylvia Park Primary, and we won by one point it was very easy for us to beat Sylvia Park Primary because the ball keeped on going to Sylvia Parks Primary goals. Then St Patrick, which we won by seven nill they were easy to play. The other game we played against was Panmure Bridge Primary. Then we were in the semi final. The game we played was against stone field they were so good even though they were little but then it was a tie to us so we came first place so as Stone Field Primary.

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