Friday, 28 July 2017

Pasifika Performence

On Friday 28th of July we had a school assembly for the islanders like Samoa, Tonga and Cook Island.
Each class had to perform a little pacific thing. Room one performed the Sasa the next room was Room five performed Le Aute. Room six said they had a little surprise and they performed a cat of how the pacific people dress when there is a special occasions. Room seven performed a combined dance of the pacific and a little bit of hip hop. Room nine sang a song called Little Birddy Sitting On a Tree then Room 10 they sang a song called E Otua which was my favourite. But room 12 was my favourite more than anything we sang How Far I'll Go. Then Mrs said how happy she was to see all the classes performed about our inquiry.

Room 1 - The Sasa
Room 5 - Le Aute
Room 6 - The Catwalk
Room 7 - Combined Dance
Room 9 - Little Birdy On A Tree
Room 10 - E Otua
Room 12 - How Far I'll Go

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Yummy Chicken Curry!

On Wednesday 26th of July we made Chicken Curry. The equipment we used was a pot, pan, wooden spoon, spoon, tongs and something to drain the water out. The ingredients we used was watery tomato sauce, base sauce, black pepper, lemon and ginger pepper. curry powder, and herbs. First thing you need to do is put the chicken in a pot and a little bit of water. Once it is ready then drain the water. Then put your watery sauce, base sauce, black pepper and your curry powder into your pan. Once it start to bubble up put your chicken in the pan and when your chicken turns yellow that when it's been ready. Mrs Tuipulotu said that she had some rice and we had to plate it nicely and this is the photo.

Back To School!

The first day of school started for term three everyone seemed so excited to be back to school. The first thing we did to get us started for today was running around the block for ten minutes. After running for ten minutes non stop everyone was extremely exhausted. The next thing we did was rehearse the song we were going to preform in front of the audience which was How Far I'll Go by Alessia Cara. Then we started our maths by reciting our multiplication later on we practiced triple a maths. We sat on the mat trying to figure out the problem, we had to use a strategy called place value. My partner and I were working on a sheet which was all about Fractions. We had our play time, then after play time we did reading and grammar reading was about mussels and spelling was about places. Then It was reading comprehension. Then it was lunch time and everyone were so happy to see their friends. Next was assembly and then home time for everyone.