Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Chocolate Cake!

Today was our last day at tech, so we made a Chocolate cake with Whip Cream and Heresy. The first we do is get our equipment which is a . Our dry ingredients are half a plain flour, one tsp of baking powder and quarter cup of coco and our. Wet ingredients are 2 tsp of yogurt, half cup of sugar, half cup of milk, one third of oil and two eggs. Once you are finished with put it in a separated bowls then you put it in your biggest bowl and combine. Put your oven to 180 degree Celsius bake for fifth teen minutes. Take your Tupi and poke it in and nothing come out then it's ready. You can decorate with anything. I decorated it whip cream and a Hersey syrup and it was really yummy when ate the chocolate cake.


  1. Beautiful cake it pays off all your working hard today and you deserve to have cup of
    lemon grass tea with the chocolate cake. Practice this recipe at home with mum.

  2. Hi bella nice chocolate. It looks yum. Good job

  3. Thanks Malia maybe one day we can cook together


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