Wednesday, 29 November 2017


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Education is the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits. Educational methods include storytelling, discussion, teaching, training, and directed research. So you should stay in school.

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Tonga Vs England

Tonga have fallen one step short of the Rugby League World Cup decider, downed 20-18 by England in Saturday's semi-final in Auckland.
Backed by a partisan Tongan crowd, Mate Ma'a brought all their trademark bullishness but blundered early with ball in hand to trail 14-0.
They came up agonisingly short in an extraordinary final period, in which they scored three late tries in five minutes.
Ex-Kangaroo prop Andrew Fifita appeared to have scored the winner with the final play of the match, only to be called back for a contentious knock-on.
It appeared the ball had been stripped one-on-one by English second-rower Elliott Whitehead, rather than dropped - allowing Fifita to continue.
However, he was called back by referee Matt Cecchin.

Monday, 27 November 2017


On Tuesday 21st we had Athletics. If you don't know what Athletics is I'm here to tell you, the sport of competing in track and field events, including running races and various competitions in jumping and throwing. It's like a physical sport or game. The first Year to run was Year seven/eight girls the 400 metres and in first place was Julianne, second Meana and lucky last was Vika. Then it was the boys turn to run the 400 metres in first place we have Dakbai, second Pate and then lucky last Timote Jr. Next we went on the tracks first it went to Year one to  Year eight. Then finally Year seven/eight 200 metres race then everyone was tired. 

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Tonga Vs Samoa Game 2017

When Toa Samoa and Mate Ma’a Tonga pack down for a scrum in Saturday’s pacific nation blockbuster, the combined weight of the forwards will be heavier than three grand pianos stacked on top of each other. Some of the biggest bodies in Rugby League will go head to head in Saturday’s highly anticipated clash, with the forward packs of both teams weighing over half a ton. With a difference of just , there isn’t much to split the two forwards packs, which could come in handy for Samoa who have won three of the past four test matches they’ve played against Tonga since 2008. But for Samoan prop, Herman Ese’ese, size won’t matter, as long as his team works as a unit. 

Manaiakalani Film Festival 2017

Yesterday we went to Sylvia Park to the cinema. It was the 10th anniversary making Manaiakalani films. Room 12, Year 8's made an awesome film about sportsmanship in Rugby. It can teach you how to achieve and how you could be a champion. My favourite movie was Pasifika Food made by Tamaki College. My favourite movie from Ruapotaka School, was all of our films because it all had a message for you and how to be safe in life. 

Friday, 3 November 2017

C.F Goldie

Image result for c.f goldieCharles Frederick Goldie was born in Auckland, New Zealand, on 20 October 1870. The second of eight children born to David Goldie and his wife, Maria Parting ton, he was second generation colonial on both sides. His father was born in Hobart and by 1870 was a timber merchant in Auckland. A career in local and national politics lay ahead, including the Auckland mayoralty. Maria Parting ton was born in Auckland.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Tonga At The Airport!!!

Tonga will have no shortage of supporters when they take on the Kiwis, judging by the scenes at Auckland Airport early Tuesday morning. The Tongan Rugby League World Cup squad arrived from Australia to a sea of red with One News reporting that about 2000 fans greeted them in the arrivals area. The players soaked up the colorful atmosphere as they were greeted with singing and dancing, while a junior Tonga team performed the Si-pi Tau, in which the senior side responded. And they made an impressive start to their campaign on Sunday with a 50-4 victory over Scotland in Cairns. Tonga play traditional rivals Samoa in Hamilton on Saturday before the crunch clash against the Kiwis a week later at the same venue. Tongan fans will have another chance to mingle with the squad on Tuesday during a signing session at the Otahuhu Rugby League Club in Auckland from 3 pm.

Monday, 30 October 2017

Tonga Won To Scotland

Yesterday there was a game between Tonga and Scotland. Tonga are set to kick off their highly anticipated World Cup campaign with a bang against Scotland at Barlow Park in Cairns. The Mate Ma'a have a hugely stacked squad following controversial decisions from multiple key players, such as Jason Taumalolo and Andrew Fifita, to turn their backs on New Zealand and Australia to play for the South Pacific nation at this tournament. As a result, the Tongans are widely expected to qualify for at least the quarter-finals, and potentially the semi finals, such is the star power that exists within their side. Scotland have a few key players of their own, including Warriors second-rower James Bell, and will be looking to create an upset in the north Queensland city. Next to play is Tonga and NZ and then the next game is Tonga and Samoa. 

Thursday, 26 October 2017


Technology but Graphics.
Elephant is a design Mary did on her box.
Coloring in my takeaway box.
Having fun with friends.
No misbehaving aloud.
Overjoyed in Mr Pineda class.
Looking for things to do after I finish.
Obeying the person that gave us instruction.
Going to Tamaki College for Technology
Yelling around me.

Tuesday, 24 October 2017


Today we did Orienteering, inside because we had to use our brain to match up the symbols on the map. We had to get into groups of Four, so we can play relays with each other. First we had, two groups on one side, and the other two groups on the other side. From each two groups from each side they had to go against each other. The game we were playing was matching up the symbols. Who ever wins goes again, until theirs an a official winner.

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Back To School

We are back from the holidays, and we are ready to learn about amazing subjects. First day wasn't to bad, I liked the first day because it was a new day and a new start for term 4. We did our original routine, and had our first school assembly. Mrs Vickers was so proud of people coming back with there uniforms and ready to learn new things.


Wet swimming togs.
Ice water.
Mika my uncle.
Malia is my cousin and she came swimming pools.
Indoors and outdoors pools.
Nailed bombing.
Glen Innes for takeouts.

Playing with my cousins.
Licking ice cream.
Sunset was lovely.

Friday, 29 September 2017

Combinations Of Colours

On Tuesday we were working on this experiment to see if you could mix two or more colors it would have a different result. For example blue and red when your spinning it on a spinning wheel it will make purple. When you use green and blue then the result will be turquoise. The last color we did was red and green the product will be yellow or orange.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

At Tech!!!

We started with a prayer when went into the class room.
Today we were at tech and we had so much fun and our task today was about three dimensional shapes. We played a that was related to three dimensional shapes and we had to make something like draw and what it has like a face, edges, name and ventricles.

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Duffy Assembly

Image result for michel mulipolaOn Tuesday we had a Duffy show and our Duffy role model was Michel Mulipola. He is a artist and a wrestling person and he likes to draw a lot. He illustrates journal books and comic books for school and store you may see a picture of his drawing on a building. His favourite character is Green Lanten because he says that he is different to the others. He wanted to draw ever since he was little and his family inspired him to draw to. He has even meet some professional wrestling people in the and he even fight in the ring. People in our school assembly like his character for what he is.

Thursday, 31 August 2017

Syndicate Assembly!

On Monday 28 August we were presenting syndicate assembly first we sang a song because Mrs Golder was unorganized. Our first song was Cheap Thrills by Sia it was related to our financial literacy.
Then we played a little game called family feud but we changed it to class feud. Whoever had the most points would get a certificate. Room 9 came first, room 12 came second and room 10 came third but everyone tried their best. The next song was about if you don't have anyone to lean on you can lean on me. Next part of the assembly was certificate, notice and then we were all finished and everyone went back to their room to learn.    

Wednesday, 30 August 2017


We had a rotation at tech today so it was our first time at tech. At tech today we were drawing our name not normal but creatively. It was very hard because all I could think of was block letters. It would have to be 6 mm or 6 cm then after you have drawled your name you can color your name in with felt, pencil or you can leave it plain. We had to plan before you draw because if you made mistake then you could not have another a - 3 paper. There were lots of different colors and lots of  different felts. At my table I was sitting next to Mary and she kept on asking for help. 

Wednesday, 16 August 2017


Today at tech I felt excited because we had one more day with her then we would have to switch over to Mr Pineda. This was like a mess because everyone was so loud. We grabbed our equipment which are a pan, wooden spoon, roiling pin and a plate to put your food on your plate.

The ingredients are herbs, base sauce, chilly sauce, bake beans, cheese, garlic, oil and spaghetti. Crush your garlic put some oil in your pan and wait until it gets crispy.

The next thing you do is add the other ingredients and put it in the pan wait for fifteen minutes then it is ready and grab some to go with your Nacho.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Chocolate Cake!

Today was our last day at tech, so we made a Chocolate cake with Whip Cream and Heresy. The first we do is get our equipment which is a . Our dry ingredients are half a plain flour, one tsp of baking powder and quarter cup of coco and our. Wet ingredients are 2 tsp of yogurt, half cup of sugar, half cup of milk, one third of oil and two eggs. Once you are finished with put it in a separated bowls then you put it in your biggest bowl and combine. Put your oven to 180 degree Celsius bake for fifth teen minutes. Take your Tupi and poke it in and nothing come out then it's ready. You can decorate with anything. I decorated it whip cream and a Hersey syrup and it was really yummy when ate the chocolate cake.

Monday, 7 August 2017

Banana Mufffins

Today was like every other tech day. so when get in the cooking class we put on our aprons then we usually place our equipment onto a table. We would have to work out who would do the wet ingredients and dry ingredients. It was so easy because Katrina wanted to do the wet ingredients and I wanted to do the dry ingredients. The wet ingredients are one cup milk, one bowl of butter, one egg and 3 table spoons of sugar. The dry ingredients are S.R.F then after you would have to put some more of S.R.F if your batter is watery. Then put it in your batter in your muffin liners, put your muffin tray into your oven and put it into 180 degree Celsius. When it get soft and poke your Tupi in and if something comes out then it's not ready and if nothing comes out then it's ready to eat yum yum.  

Friday, 28 July 2017

Pasifika Performence

On Friday 28th of July we had a school assembly for the islanders like Samoa, Tonga and Cook Island.
Each class had to perform a little pacific thing. Room one performed the Sasa the next room was Room five performed Le Aute. Room six said they had a little surprise and they performed a cat of how the pacific people dress when there is a special occasions. Room seven performed a combined dance of the pacific and a little bit of hip hop. Room nine sang a song called Little Birddy Sitting On a Tree then Room 10 they sang a song called E Otua which was my favourite. But room 12 was my favourite more than anything we sang How Far I'll Go. Then Mrs said how happy she was to see all the classes performed about our inquiry.

Room 1 - The Sasa
Room 5 - Le Aute
Room 6 - The Catwalk
Room 7 - Combined Dance
Room 9 - Little Birdy On A Tree
Room 10 - E Otua
Room 12 - How Far I'll Go

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Yummy Chicken Curry!

On Wednesday 26th of July we made Chicken Curry. The equipment we used was a pot, pan, wooden spoon, spoon, tongs and something to drain the water out. The ingredients we used was watery tomato sauce, base sauce, black pepper, lemon and ginger pepper. curry powder, and herbs. First thing you need to do is put the chicken in a pot and a little bit of water. Once it is ready then drain the water. Then put your watery sauce, base sauce, black pepper and your curry powder into your pan. Once it start to bubble up put your chicken in the pan and when your chicken turns yellow that when it's been ready. Mrs Tuipulotu said that she had some rice and we had to plate it nicely and this is the photo.

Back To School!

The first day of school started for term three everyone seemed so excited to be back to school. The first thing we did to get us started for today was running around the block for ten minutes. After running for ten minutes non stop everyone was extremely exhausted. The next thing we did was rehearse the song we were going to preform in front of the audience which was How Far I'll Go by Alessia Cara. Then we started our maths by reciting our multiplication later on we practiced triple a maths. We sat on the mat trying to figure out the problem, we had to use a strategy called place value. My partner and I were working on a sheet which was all about Fractions. We had our play time, then after play time we did reading and grammar reading was about mussels and spelling was about places. Then It was reading comprehension. Then it was lunch time and everyone were so happy to see their friends. Next was assembly and then home time for everyone.

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Samoan Singing!

On Friday, room 12 and a few other classes did Samoan singing with Mrs Folu. We sang songs like Le Aute, Pepe, Aeiou and Pati Pati Lima. When we had arrived we had to warm our voices up so we sang Le Aute. We sang the song about 3 times, the next song we sang was Pepe everyone sang it so beautiful so we only sang it one time. The other song we sang was the alphabet song but in Samoan. The last song we sang head shoulder knees and toes but in Samoan and English. Then Mrs Folu chose some people to sing Pati Pati Lima.

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Man drowns at Muriwai Beach

A man has drowned at Muriwai Beach in west Auckland on Saturday afternoon. Emergency services were called to attend at four pm after a member of the public found him on the beach. It is believed he had been out kite surfing, around the rock side, people say that he was just riding and then fell off. Then no one saw him fall off and could not save him in time. His body has been airlifted to Auckland and his next-of kin are being advised. 

Chocolate Chip Muffins

 On Wednesday 21st of June we were making chocolate muffin with chocolate chips . The first thing we have to do is separate. The dry ingredient from the wet ingredients. the dry ingredients are 1 and a half S.R.F, quarter cup of coco powder and 50 grams of chocolate chips. The wet ingredients are half a cup of sugar, half a cup of milk, half a cup oil and one egg and you would need cupcake liner. You would need to do the dry ingredients in a small bowl and the wet ingredients in a big bowl. Put the ingredients in the bowl in order, then you turn you oven to 180 degree and put your muffin batter in your cupcake liner while your oven is heating up. The you would need a tooth pick to poke in the middle and if something comes out you leave it the oven for a few minutes and if nothing comes out then you can take it out.

Monday, 19 June 2017

What to do when your child is the bully!

While many parents live in denial that their child would be capable of bullying, chances are your child will play a role in making another child feel miserable at some point. Most of the time when kids do bully, it’s because the child is unhappy about something themselves, Dave Atkinson, creative and development director at Parenting Place told The AM Show. Maybe they've got low self-esteem, maybe they just don't have strategies that other kids have, he said. These are Dave Atkinson's top three tips for dealing with your child's bullying behavior.

Soccer Interschool

On Wednesday May 24th 2017 
We went to soccer inter schools at Point England Reserve to represent our school Ruapotaka. I was the goal keeper, the first school we played against was Glen Taylor which we won by one point. The second game was played against by Tamaki Primary which we lost because they only won by one point. The next school we played was Sylvia Park Primary, and we won by one point it was very easy for us to beat Sylvia Park Primary because the ball keeped on going to Sylvia Parks Primary goals. Then St Patrick, which we won by seven nill they were easy to play. The other game we played against was Panmure Bridge Primary. Then we were in the semi final. The game we played was against stone field they were so good even though they were little but then it was a tie to us so we came first place so as Stone Field Primary.

Thursday, 1 June 2017

National Milk Day

On Thursday 1st of June it was national milk day, national milk day is all about milk. The place we get our milk is from fontera which they receive from cows, then they send the box of milks to schools. They produce the milk for kids like us to be healthy and strong. Milk is white like snow and watery like water. you use milk for all sorts of things like tea or coffee and other things. Every school has milk for them to drink so they can be healthy. You 

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Drone Gets Chicken Wings For Auckland

There was A lady and a man that set up a table then they put up a drone just to send it to KFC but first they put the money on the drone flied it off to KFC before that they put a note that said take me. Mr Mason-Clarke told it wasn't a publicity promotion for the fast-food restaurant, but just a fun project I wanted to do. It was just for fun.

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Flooding Hits Northern South Island

The Top of the South Island has been struck with heavy rain witched caused big flooding after the night on Thursday. Several people have been saved from vehicles with water so deep one rescue had to be undertaken on a surf lifesaving boat.  In the early hours of Thursday morning, a small house bus became stuck in river water which flooded near the Barlett Rd quarry in Hope, Tasman. One man was inside the bus, and spent more than an hour trapped in the vehicle before Coastguard crew on a surf lifesaving boat could save him.

Friday, 12 May 2017

Council contractors damage babies' graves

Auckland Council has apologized for damaging the burial sites of around 170 babies in south Auckland. Maintenance workers mowing the lawns left flowers and ornaments strewn across the ground at the Manukau Memorial Gardens. Chief executive Steve Killen has since apologized on behalf of the company, saying he was personally troubled by the disrespect this shows. He said they'll provide fresh flowers in the area and donate $10,000 to Star-ship Children's Hospital as an apology. 

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Family overwhelmed by support after HNZ home gutted by fire

A family of ten is overwhelmed with with some of the community helps after their house has been burnt down. The Lemeki family escaped with their lives, but they're now staying in a house that has 22 people in it. She said that when her husband came back he thought his family was in the house she told them. The Beach Haven home was a Housing New Zealand house and the family had no contents insurance.

Monday, 8 May 2017

Electric Car Fans Gather To Break NZ Record

On Sunday May the 7th, volunteers are trying to break the record for the largest number of the cars gathered in one place. Better New Zealand Trust spokesperson James Cozens says they need more than 100 cars to turn up at the Airport. The record attempt kicks off at 11 am, and also involves a race between a Tesla and McLaren and a speech from Minister of Energy and Resources Judith Collins. We're trying to encourage people to keep their minds open, says Mr Cozens. Come along today and basically look at these electric cars, get in them, drive them ride in them and you will realize they are right here, right now, and we are now driving the future.

Friday, 5 May 2017

Mind-Blowing Kiwi Locales In Lonely Planet's Latest Book

New Zealand has once again featured in a Lonely Planet guide to the world's top travel destinations, this time as part of a list of 50 of the most mind-boggling wild and wonderful places. As well as naming the US Grand Canyon for its rugged beauty and a footbridge in India made from a tree's living roots, Lonely Planet's list included New Zealand's Milford Sound, Moeraki Boulders and the Waitomo Glowworm Caves.

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Kiwis Eat More Bananas Than Most But Are We Paying A Fair Price?

Did you know out of all the fruit people love banana more than anything in the world but the supermarkets said they sell the banana for a fair price. For every dollar spent on the average banana, just 18 cent goes to farmers and workers in plantations overseas.In the UK, major supermarket chains like Waitrose and Salisbury's only sell fair-trade bananas, but such commitments are hard to find here.

Monday, 10 April 2017

Bill English gets some professional pizza help from Nadia Lim

Bill English has made his dinner for his family with a little help from Nadia Lim one of the celebrity top chef in then world he posted a photo with Nadia and himself with his pizza's in their hand.  He had all sorts of thing in the pizza like pineapple, cheese, sauce, bacon and other vegetable. He said" when he ate it it was so good the pizza they made". 

Thursday, 6 April 2017

The Adele effect Auckland Transport hit high note on rail trips

Last night Adele broke the record at Auckland show and while she was talking to the crowd she said she might not even do another world tour and she still kept singing while raining last night at her concert at mt smart.He nearly sold 40,000 tickets to her concert. why is she not doing another tour? She has been doing the concerts since Thursday to Saturday it's been hard for her.

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Former All Black coach dies at 91

Former All Black coach Eric Watson has died in Dunedin, aged 91. Watson led the men in black on two tours during his time as coach, to Australia and Wales in 1980. He said that he loved the coach. He only played one game for Otago in 1946, but also played cricket for the province at first-grade level for more than a decade.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Sudden death a mystery for Motueka police

Police are getting some information from the public. They are trying to sort out a mystery. The body of Sheree Archer was found near by Motueka river on Sunday midday after a member of the public came acros her on the main road bridge in Riwaka.
The police found out that Ms Archer was from Palmerston North and was in a area only a couple days ago prior to her death. 

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Aurora hunters take flight

A special charter flight will take off from Dunedin later this week, carrying the region's top aurora hunters.Aurora flight organizer Ian Griffin said they plan to fly pretty much straight down to the auroral zone, and then fly in circles "so everybody on both sides of the plane is going to get a good The Otago Museum director managed to sell Dunedin Airport on his bold idea, before bringing Air New Zealand and travel company Orbit on-board.
It's about people in Dunedin, we just get together, we have a crazy idea. And it's going to happen. You know, two days time and it's all on.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

How To Make A Joint!

First you have to draw what your going to do and how you going to do it so for example i'm gonna make a money box for saving. Then you got to have timber and measure it but the timber i'm using is 320 - mm  and you need some other wood then you can ask and make sure that you have a adult beside you for help with sharp tools. How do make a joint so you need two pieces of wood and you cut a little thing in the middle and you insert the other pieces of wood and that's how you make a joint.

Monday, 6 March 2017

Everyday Theater

On 3rd March 2017 there were people that was here to play a game called game masters only was only room 12 and 11 that went to watch and play. Well the favourite parts was T was min the hot seat and Dave was in the hot seat to. Another favourite parts was when we had to freeze and play a part to say. There was a part when it was almost at the end and they said it was hard but it wasn't it easy So we had to chose a character and Say something they could better and she will kick them out. and we will have 12 point and we won and got batches cards from them. At the end we got the chance to ask them question and then they went to another school.

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Tabloids !!!

Link Last week Wednesday we had tabloids and we had houses. There was Red - Whero, Green - Kakariki, Yellow - kōwhai and blue kikorangi. Parents came to watch their children I was in Kakariki and the captain was Miz Zin and we have 27 points now. We only went half way but I think when it's the next tabloids we can do better. When it's tabloids I think we have to Do the other half because we did not get to finish cause we were nearly finish.

Australian boy born with brain outside skull

An Australian baby who was born with his brain outside of his skull has made incredible progress Jay-den Moyo, now three years old, was born with a condition called nasal encephaloceleHis mother Thembe Moyo told 7 News that despite being told to consider terminating her pregnancy, she and her husband wanted to have Jay-den in their lives.We accepted Jay-den and we were willing to accept him however he was going to turn out. When he was one week old, a team of 10 specialists worked to put his brain back inside his skull in a six-hour operation.

Search underway for missing Taupo woman

The police from taupo is searching for a seventy five year old lady. The police are searching for the lady around Waitahanui River near Te Puke. Barbara Thompson  often drives to the river mouth to fish in the early hours of the morning. The woman  arrives home at nine-am but she did not come back that day and her car was parked at the river. Police are asking anyone who has seen Ms Thompson today to call them immediately. 

Friday, 17 February 2017

Richie Macaw : Flying above Port Hills fire 'scary stuff'

Richie Macaw says that what he saw some scary stuff like I think a brush fire and he said just scary stuff. Some has destroyed places, killed people and broke houses that is so scary. He says the death of helicopter pilot Steve Askin who crashed while fighting the fires on Tuesday, was a huge shock which most                people still haven't had time to process.

Thursday, 16 February 2017

How to pack the perfect lunchbox with Nadia Lim

You’ve made it half-way through the week and the kids' lunchboxes are starting to look a bit dire.Now you’re toying with the idea of just giving them some tuck shop money and telling them to fend for themselves but stop right there. We've got some inspiration for you to save the day.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Whales caught on Golden Bay

During the weekend there were whale stranding in Golden Bay. There were more than 300 whales that died. There were 400 some people went to check to make sure that there no more whale stranding. A few volunteer were helping they tired to get many helped but unfortunately they could't. The Major of golden Bay, his name and what he said Andrew Lamason says with his finger crossed I wouldn't sound confident, but I'm bloody hopeful."

Five drownings over Waitangi weekend


On Monday February the sixth that was the day of Waitangi. A woman with her friends went to Waikato River while they were swimming one there were five of them and that five did not survive. The police blocked the area so nobody can go throughThe lady was the 18th person to die this year.